The Jewish sages say that there are seventy  faces of Torah - that means there are many different ways of viewing the Torah and there are different levels of interpretation. It is a rare and precious gift, to be able to see and to show a new face of Torah, something that you have not seen before in this text – and this is the amazing blessing that awaits you on this site.

 In all the years I have known Dot,  I’ve never ceased to be amazed by her love for the Word of God and by the breath-taking depth of her diving in these bottomless Living Waters!  That’s why I was so excited to learn that she was  putting online all her Torah studies. The Torah indeed becomes alive on this “Living Torah” site: the Spirit of God hovers over these texts and brings out some amazing revelations! As a Messianic believer, I am especially fascinated and blessed by her ability to read the Torah through the lens of the New Testament writings: one  can clearly see that all the  New Testament allusions and connections she discovers (absolutely fascinating, sometimes  just mind-blowing) do not impose some added meaning to the Torah, but actually unearth the original meaning of the text. I am very, very grateful for this site and for this study. Thank you, Dot!  - Julia Blum, Author & Professor of Biblical Studies.



To those who think that we don't need to know or even relate to the Old Testament – thinking that it has passed away and the New Testament is the only word relevant today, I ask this question?.... Have you ever read a book from the middle chapter and known what the origin of its thought pattern was, or fully understood the reason for its being written in the first place? Our bible comes from God;  His inspired word from beginning to end. John 1:1-14

Studying Torah – the first five books of the bible – with Dorothy and the various groups over the years, has been inspiring, as each week we have the Lord Himself revealed through God's word in an illuminated way, as we dig deeper together to find rich treasure. Each person at the table brings extra revelation and illumination guided by the Holy Spirit, adding to its richness. The highlight for me has been discovering the Heart of God and His Ways as He trains, guides and protects His people – even in all their rebellion.  His grace and mercy is profound. I pray Dot, that this will bless thousands of hungry hearts as they pursue Torah! - Penny



My time with you and others around your table studying the Torah, was a very beautiful experience. The reality of God's love for His creation and His people was experienced in the joy and love we felt as we studied together—His Spirit was palpable.  It was such a joy to go back to the first five books of the Bible – the Torah – where you took us in great depth through Creation, the Exodus, the laws God commanded His people to live by, including the great Ten Commandments, the Festivals, the lives of the Patriarchs etc. etc. , and throughout our journey, you led us to see Christ our Messiah revealed through its pages.  I loved the way we so often laughed as we dug deep, sometimes almost too deep for such as myself, so that it was necessary to return again and again to see how it all relates and sits in the unity of the Bible - both the OT and NT - the continuing story of God's love for His people, and His commandments, summed up in Christ – to love God and Neighbour as oneself - Laura


I have been studying the “BREAD OF LIFE” Torah studies with Dot Healy for the last 3 years.  The in-depth revelation that Dot brings out of these studies is amazing and at times has brought a deeply moving way of connecting with the Lord God of the Bible.  These 5 books of Moses are truly a firm foundation for revelation and growth in our walk with The Lord - Rosemary