The Book of Exodus begins with a people in servitude to an earthly god-king, and concludes

with a people united in willing service to a Divine King, who has chosen them to be His very own. 

 The LORD descends on Mt. Sinai amidst thunder, lightening, smoke and fire and delivers the Ten Commandments, betroths His people to Himself in love and faithfulness, and calls them to become a holy nation, a kingdom of priests. 

With their property, their labor & their souls, they are to build Him a Sanctuary so that He can dwell in their midst.

Take this journey with Moses – and make it your own personal journey!

Exod. 1-2

Exod. 3-4

Exod. 5-10

Exod. 11-12

Exod. 13-15

Exod. 16-17

Exod. 18-20

Exod. 21-24

Exod. 25-27

Exod. 28

Exod. 29-31

Exod. 32

Exod. 33-34

Exod. 35-40