My name is Dorothy Healy—many years ago I began to paint, and one morning an urgent longing rose up from deep within me to paint a long narrow road leading to a mountain. A year or so later, the journey began, when I surrendered my life to the LORD in 1977.

As an Army wife, I had a very itinerant life, but each subsequent move was met in faith, as I saw the LORD’s hand clearly leading and unfolding the road before me. Some 30 years on – which included living in Israel, where I began to appreciate the Jewish heritage of our faith, and completing a Diploma in Christian Ministry and Bachelor of Theology – my interest was then drawn to the five Books of Moses and I began to study them in earnest, also taking courses in Biblical Hebrew and the Hebrew context of the Bible, which in turn led to editing work for Jewish Biblical authors.

My hunger and delight at continually uncovering new treasures in the Torah,

aroused a passion that has only deepened with each passing year. The more attuned I became to the language of the Torah, the more my eyes were opened to see our Messiah throughout every book;


As Yeshua Himself said,

“I have not come to abolish the Torah and the Prophets… but to fulfil them.”


For some ten years now I have had the joy and privilege of leading an enthusiastic Torah study group, which has bought forth much amazement at what is hidden in plain sight, and deep reflection as we grasped how relevant these scriptures are to our own faith walk.

The studies have also had an appreciative audience well beyond our walls

and the time has now come to share them with hungry souls worldwide.


I grieve at how little the Church has truly appreciated and understood these five foundational books of our Bible – which I believe also truly grieves the heart of God. Jewish sages have long greatly treasured the Torah, indeed it has kept them alive throughout their diaspora years, and I have found some of their Midrash (commentaries) to be tremendously insightful, and have inserted many quotes from Jewish sources in these study notes. 

Little did I know where the long and winding road would lead — visions of teaching from a priceless, very ancient book, and various prophetic words which spoke of a ‘banquet table’, were enigmatic clues to what was ahead for me to do — until finally I reached that point in the road where the direction became clear.   ...and the road continues!